Influence of childhood on economic and health status in old age

impact of clinical systems on outcomes and efficiencies
April 13, 2020
Now think holistically about the information you’ve gathered about COVID-19 , and try to tie together the different concepts you’ve been introduced to (e.g., medical facts about the virus, community health, flattening the curve, social distancing, health insurance systems). Write about the role of both individuals and communities in this pandemic. This is a free-writing assignment so you can write about specific topics within COVID-19 that interest you most, e.g., individuals’/community’s roles in spreading the virus, in solving the problem, in being perpetrators or victims of racism, how family roles change, etc.
April 13, 2020

Influence of childhood on economic and health status in old age

This week you read about the theory of cumulative disadvantage, which highlights the influence of earlier life experiences on the quality of life in old age as well as the (changing) experience of retirement.

  • First, using the framework of cumulative disadvantage, discuss how one’s childhood and young adulthood might influence their economic and health status in old age. Define cumulative disadvantage and use at least two (2) examples to illustrate your argument on economic and health status in old age.
  • Next, is retirement good for health or bad for it? Is retirement a gain, a loss, or irrelevant to physical and psychological health?
  • What are common reasons for retirement? Does reason for retirement affect the experience of retirement? Lastly, how does retirement affect socioeconomic status?
  • Lastly, visit the AARP Retirement Calculator. Work through the interactive exercise, and then discuss what you learned about your readiness for retirement. What factors impact your ability to plan for retirement? In your discussion, doo not share specific numbers or financial information, but rather a general overview. What post-retirement events or factors might impact your ability to live the way you want or envision in your old age?

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