For your final assignment, you’ll complete a short answer activityin which you will review a research article to identify the researchconclusion. Then, you’ll take another look at that conclusion
January 15, 2021
writing first draft 1000 -1200 word
January 15, 2021
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International Investments

Question 5: Critically explain the variables used in the Black-Scholes model, its assumptions and the reasons for its popularity. (30 marks)

Question 6: Critically discuss the Discounted Dividend Model (DDM) and the Gordon Growth Model and their limitations. (30 marks)

Question 7
a) Critically discuss the yield curve, and explain how it can be used by investors to forecast economic recessions. (20 marks)
b) Explain how and when bond convexity should be used to improve the approximation of Duration to estimate bond price changes due to changes in interest rates. (10 marks)
(Total: 30 marks)

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