WK4 Learning about Qualitative and Quantitative Research Discussion Response
January 14, 2021
sexual misconduct regarding the police? What aspects of the police role facilitate each type of misconduct? Can departments control sexual misconduct?…
January 14, 2021


In this assignment, it will be your task to interview a case manager.  Along with answering the questions below in the interview, you will need to acquire information concerning the case manager’s referrals.  One of the questions that you will be asking the case manager is to give you her best referrals so that you and your peers can begin to develop a professional directory of referrals for your clients.

The questions that you will be asking are the following::

  • What would you say are the most common needs of your clients and how do you assist your clients in order to meet those needs?
  • What interventions do you use when working with your clients?
  • What is it about these particular interventions that you like?
  • What interventions have you tried in the past and found them to be inappropriate/not useful?  What is it about the intervention that has caused you to avoid that particular intervention?
  • What are the referrals that you would recommend?  What is it about these referrals that you find so useful?
  • As a case manager, what advice would you give a new human services provider in beginning the counseling process with clients?


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