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Cisco Packet Tracer is a networking technology teaching and learning program that offers a realistic simulation and visualization experiences. It is a powerful tool for you to practice and build network topologies on your own. It is also often used for hackathons and other networking competitions.


Your assignment is to learn how to use Packet Tracer through Cisco’s Networking Academy (Links to an external site.) (create an account for free and the course is free)


If you are unable to create an account at the above link, create one at the link below and complete the Introduction to Cisco Packet Tracer course

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Packet Tracer (you will install Packet Tracer on your PC)

Chapter 2 – The User Interface

Chapter 3 – Simulation Mode

Chapter 4 – Packet Tracer Physical View and File assessment type

Chapter 5 – IoT components in Packet Tracer

Chapter 6 – Creating and Controlling a small smart home Network

Chapter 7 – Packet Tracer Environment Controls

Chapter 8 – Creating and Programming objects in Packet Tracer

You will download and install Packet Tracer in the first chapter. Each chapter has short video demonstrations and activities that you should complete in Packet Tracer on your own computer. The practice packet tracer exercises are not graded but you should complete it for learning (for example, the first set of exercises are in 2.1.2 Finding and deploying devices, with two activities Packet Tracer – Deploying Devices Packet Tracer File (Links to an external site.) And Packet Tracer – Deploying and Cabling Devices Packet Tracer File (Links to an external site.)).

There are two quizzes and a course feedback that you must complete to complete the course.

Introduction to Packet Tracer – PT Basics Quiz (Links to an external site.)

Introduction to Packet Tracer – PT IoT Basics Quiz (Links to an external site.)

End of Course Feedback (Links to an external site.)


After you have completed the entire course and fill out an evaluation, you will have access to a course completion certificate. Submit the course completion certificate into canvas for a grade. You have multiple weeks to do this. Do not wait until the last minute to complete the whole course.


This assignment is pass/fail. If you complete the entire course and submit the course completion certificate into Canvas, you get 100. If you do not, you get a zero. There is no partial credit.

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