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September 11, 2021
principals of transformational leadership
September 11, 2021

Journal 1 | English homework help


For this journal, you need to respond, citing textual moments from all three texts thus far, effectively and clearly to the prompt:

In Darmok, Defense of Posie, and the Preface to Regulia Pastoralis, the texts all raise issues of language, literature, and culture.  Implicit in the arguments are the ideas of education, what it is, what purpose it serves, and how one gets / receives an education.

What are those ideas?  How does each text engage them?  What have YOU learned about education, especially as you have chosen to take this class?  Teach me to understand your strategic position in relation to your own education.

As with all journals, I’m not interested in what I wrote in the lectures; I literally know that stuff.  I’m interested in how you engage with those texts you read / watched and how you think about them.


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