legal and illegal firings from the employer s legal handbook by attorney fred steingold 2013 and other sources

Describe the economic conditions of the 1970s
September 16, 2020
Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies utilised in maximising the person’s independence.Included will be evidence of effective communication skills partnership working.
September 16, 2020

legal and illegal firings from the employer s legal handbook by attorney fred steingold 2013 and other sources

Write an essay about 5 pages long with 12-point font, 1.5 spacing between lines, and

standard margins. Essays are due by the beginning of class on Friday, March 15. You

may submit a paper copy to me or email your essay to me as an attachment (at but I must receive your essay, be able to open it, print it, and

be able to read it, by the deadline in real time, or it receives the late penalty (no

exceptions). Once I open and print your essay, I will respond to let you know I have it.

So, even if you sent it, but I did not receive it, by the deadline in real time, and it was

an electronic error that was the cause of my not receiving it, you still receive the late

penalty. The late penalty is: -10 points every 3 days your essay is late, no exceptions.

Essays are worth 100 points: 90 for content and 10 for grammar.

Prompt: Choose any 5 of the following 8 cases (A-H) below, and answer questions (I)


(II) for each case you chose, clearly and thoroughly. Do not use any outside

information but only what is given in this handout and our textbook to make your

argument about each case. (Many of the cases are real, but do not research any more

about them, even if you find out my report of the incident is somewhat inaccurate;

argue only about the case as I have presented it and use only the information about

what constitutes a legal or illegal firing I have given in this handout.)


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