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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

Letter to Legislator Assignment

Instructions: You will be writing a letter to a legislator to either support or oppose a federal or state bill. Prior to starting the assignment, you must visit this site and read the tips on writing a letter to a legislator: http://www.nea.org/home/19657.htm

Key points include to keep your letter brief, identify the bill by name and number, describe why the issue is important to you, and get the legislator’s name right. Follow the steps below to prepare for writing the letter; then write it and attach to this document.

Portal instructions from committee: https://shum.senate.ca.gov/content/position-letters
Letters from individuals must include the writer’s full name and residential address, including zip code and SIGNATURE.

Step 1: Identify a current bill that addresses an aspect of nutrition or food access. Here are some websites listing current federal and state bills that are open for public comment.



SB-285 Send to Senate Human Services Committee by April 15th or to Portantino on/after April 22nd.

SB-499 Send to Senator Portantino by May 6th

AB-842 Send to Assembly member Lorena Gonzalez by May 6th

Step 3:

Describe why this bill is important to you personally.

Then describe why you believe this bill is important to the field of nutrition. Relate it to recent research. ( cite at least two research articles that relate to the Bill in APA format). When citing studies, be specific about what the conclusions are. For example, instead of saying “nutrition education increased fruit consumption in kids who participated,” use “25 hours of nutrition education provided in schools was associated with an increased fruit consumption of ½ cup per day at the end of the program, compared to baseline.”

Letters from individuals must include the writer’s full name and residential address, including zip code,.

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