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January 24, 2021
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January 24, 2021

LP02.1 ASSIGNMENT: Duty to Serve

LP02.1 ASSIGNMENT: Duty to Serve


For the purposes of this assignment, and for the sake of clarity, let us refer to the “duty to treat” as the “duty to serve.”

Write a two to three page paper that contrasts the “duty to serve” between grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels (as one group), and hospitals (as the other group).

  • Support your thoughts with legal arguments
    • You might consider how the very nature of the two “providers” differs.
    • Consider also what people seek from each group.
    • Consider what each group offers.
    • What is the expectation in each case?
  • Cite sources to your writings from your text and/or internet, articles, etc. For information on citations check these handouts from the APA Style tab on the library website.

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