Marketing Management Strategy Dual Distribution Discussion Response

January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021

Marketing Management Strategy Dual Distribution Discussion Response

Please use apa format and make sure to have at least two sources for initial response and one for each response to classmates.

Word count requirement for initial discussion board post: 250

Word count requirement for each response to classmate: 100

Identify a product offered by a manufacturer using a dual-distribution approach (ex: brick and mortar, physical location versus online).

  • Are there differences between the customers targeted by each approach?
  • How do the purchase experiences differ?
  • Do you think online sales will eventually cause brink and mortar businesses to cease to exist? Why?
  • Support your post with scholarly RESEARCH on dual distribution.

Edwards, Kendria

Dual distribution is defined as having two or more lines of the same merchandise through two or more channels (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). In most cases you a manufacturer who offers this product in a physical location and can also purchase the product online. The North Face has a physical location, as well sell through other retailers but they also have an online store. When I first decided to make my purchase I did go into a local retailer. I wanted to try the product on and make sure the sizes ran correctly. The next time I purchased online and I notice that they had more options online than they did at the local retailer. The independent and franchises and other small retailers tend to get mistreated by the supplier of merchandise for fabrication or resale (Preston & Schramm, 1965). Most customers like myself like to shop online it’s more convenient and you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. At Lowe’s you can buy online or pick up in store we have a lot of customers buying appliances online and asking for delivery. Sometimes customers get the product in their home and end up not liking it or it does not have the gloss look they were looking for. This sometimes leaves customers upset and a waste of time for both parties involved. I also recommend that items like such should be looked and touched prior to buying online. I think both will strive because as I stated some things need to be looked and felt before purchase. Many factors have encouraged the growth of dual distribution. The numbers have increased with the brick and mortar and wondering should they rely on exclusively for independent resellers to reach consumers or pursue dual arrangements (Gundlach & Loff, 2013).

from Marshall, Giovanni

Companies these days are using multiple streams of income to make money in different ways. We see this in companies like Nike, K&G, Famous Dave’s, and Walmart. Sears was one of the stores that started this dual distribution system. Dual distribution is coming more common now throughout the world, it is defined as a business that supplies their goods or services directly or indirectly (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). You have Walmart that sales in their stores, but also do a great job of sales online. You see now that Amazon is getting into the brick & mortar business, by investing into Whole Foods. This type of marketing can impact. You also see this with Pepsi, they own Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. You only see Pepsi in those restaurants (Preston & Schramm Jr, 1965).

Let us look at Champs Sporting Goods. They are a company that does very well at their stores in different malls all over the country. They also have a website, as well a catalog that gets mailed out to their customers. You can look in the catalog and order it and have it delivered to the nearest Champs store. The catalog will have things in it that you will not find at the store. Most of the BBQ products that I buy, I can purchase at Walmart or online now through Amazon. A lot of companies do well with online sales. The downside to online sales is you may not get exactly what you want. I ordered some gloves from Amazon and they did not fit, they were the wrong ones. The company sent me another set, but I ended up going to another company that was a brick and mortar and found what I wanted and was able to try them on. Choosing products online I can be in my pajamas and not leave at all. I try and stick with places that I know has my size for certain (Cyrenne, 2014).

There are a lot of companies that deal with dual distribution, and it is the new way of doing business. You must have multiple streams of income coming in. Pepsico is a prime example of it. Go and look at how many companies are under their umbrella, and only sale their products.

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