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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021


The problem I tend to look at within Chicago’s Department of Buildinging is the economic impacts that vacancy and abandonment have on property values, communities, and local government.

#1. In this discussion, consider the quantitative metrics you might use to assess success in addressing the problem you identified for your organization. Consider what type of metrics might be used, as well as how you might collect that data. You might find that some of the data is already being collected, but not being used to measure programmatic efficacy. In your initial post to this discussion respond to the following:

How would you measure that problem now, before the alternative is selected?
How would you measure the problem issues at a later point, once the selected program has been in effect for some time, to determine if the program is achieving its outcome?
What might be the potential result to your organization if you do not find a way to measure programmatic outcomes?

#2.. For your initial post, for the problem you identified earlier in the course, consider:

Who might be primary, secondary, and tertiary stakeholders for the problem in your community?
What perceptions might they bring to the discussion which would be of value in assessing the efficacy and efficiency of the program in addressing the problem?
How might you determine the perspectives of these primary and secondary stakeholders before the program begins and after the program has been in effect for some time?


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