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November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020

Microeconomcs Analysis

Please listen to this audio first

(1)  Bring this topic to life with relevance & importance to society, micro analysis, and your insight / perspective only (without references listed).  Why does this podcast/audio matter and how can the tools learned in the audio be meaningfully applied?

(2)  Then present an analysis (not a chapter summary) which uses each paragraph to apply as many micro-economic principles & concepts from the course as possible.  Try to analyze their relevance to your chapter topic.  MUST BE IN ECONOMIC ANALYSIS

(3)  Finally illustrate your topic by analyzing a recent micro event which is relevant to the podcast/audio.  This may be through a firm, market, or government policy. You can check the news or search in the internet library

After that, please write additional paragraphs for 500 words or more in total of new paragraphs. Also, please help to check does the paper include above three requirements and combine some paragraphs to be one paragraph in the attached file (so oen paragraphs would have more.


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