As a business owner making a final decision regarding the international aspects of a business decision, you may decide to…
February 23, 2022
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February 23, 2022
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10-12 Slides (200 words note section, +references)
Based on your discussions with Michelle, you have developed a clear picture of the environmental issues that will affect the initial release of the new product. As you compile your notes, the phone rings.

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“Hi. This is Michelle. I want to touch base with you about your presentation to the board next week. Do you have any questions about the upcoming meeting?”
“Thanks for calling,” you say. “You have good timing. I was just reviewing my notes and working on my PowerPoint presentation. I think I’ve covered the areas we discussed at our last meeting. Do you have something else that you want me to include?”
“Oh, good,” says Michelle. “Yes, I’d like you to share 3 or 4 goals for the marketing project, too. Make sure these goals are specific as possible. You might want to lead with the goals, but I’ll leave that up to you. Naturally you’ll need to do some research to determine the types of goals that are relevant for a new product project like this. Be as specific as you can when outlining realistic expectations.
“Okay,” you say as you jot down more notes. “Anything else?”
“Just be sure to include your thoughts about whether we should develop a product that can be marketed world-wide. You know that is one of their main concerns. You’ll have about 30 minutes for your presentation. ”

For Phase 1 IP make sure your goals have numerical goals that are related to what the brand (not you as manager) hopes to achieve.  There should be a time specified for reaching the goal. If your goal is a percentage increase, where are you starting from?   Do not forget to provide your recommendation whether to introduce your product beyond the US..if yes, where and why there?  Your focus for all the tasks, however, whether global or not is the US.  Gene Topper
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