January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

Modern Physics

I have this assignment in modern physics chapter 10 from this book ( Look for The Fermi Energy. Page 360 is helpful from Pdf file. all you need you can find in chapter 10.

I have attached the question. Moreover, there are important things you need to follow:

1- A print-out of the two graphs the table along with answers to parts (d) and (e). you can do them on Excel. attache the excel sheet with the final answer and I will print them out.

2- The temperatures indicated in color, bold font and italics(0,100,1000,2000 and 10,000) must be clearly identified on both the graph. you may use the same or different colors, or different line types. Other ways of delineating the temperatures are also acceptable as long as these can be deciphered on your graph.

3- The data and graphs must be computer- generated ( you may use Excel, Matlab, Sigmaplot, or Mathematica) . The graphs must have appropriate axis labels. I will be happy with Excel. However, I need a really corrected answer for that.

I need your answer, do not forget units.

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