module 05 written assignment differentiating instruction

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March 30, 2021
Assignment 1: Patient Centric Healthcare Practices
March 30, 2021

module 05 written assignment differentiating instruction

onsider the following scenario: You teach the mixed-age group of children listed below and want to share this science lesson with them, but need to differentiate your lesson to meet their language needs and development level.Â

Child One: 4 years old and speaks English as a second language, Spanish is the home language.
Child Two: 6 years old and speaks English only
Child Three: 5 years old and speaks mainly Spanish
Child Four: 7 years old and speaks English and Spanish fluently

In a 1-2 page document using section headers and bullets:

Download and read the following science lesson:

For each child in your group, identify the language barriers that could interfere with learning for all the children and how you would differentiate the lesson for each child in your group.
For each child, briefly describe how you would modify and re-write the text in the science lesson example to be more comprehensible to the language learners in your group without diluting the content.
Supplement your rewritten text with visual elements such as graphic organizers, diagrams, or illustrations (or describe the visual elements you would recommend including) to scaffold learning about this topic for these learners.
Include a 1-2 paragraph reflection that discusses why you believe (or do not believe) this is an effective way to support ELLs dually learn both language and content. In your reflection, explain any struggles or challenges that you feel this strategy could present to educators.

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