Learning and Competencies
January 12, 2021
The Theoretical Foundation section of a research study is often one of the most challenging components to create. It is informed by the historical context as described in the Background to the Problem
January 12, 2021

Mother Tongue

To prepare for this assignment, please re-read your selected article and your notes from Module 1. Then, using a Word Document, answer the following questions:

-Discuss the context of your selected article, the author’s purpose, and the style and tone. What have you learned from this early analysis?
-How will a closer analysis of the author’s claim and the structure of the writing help you to learn more about your selected reading?
-Now that you have discussed the author’s purpose for writing the selected reading, do you think the author’s writing is effective in achieving their purpose? What led you to this conclusion?

In total, the reflection should be three fully developed paragraphs in length. (Consider one paragraph per question, 58 sentences each.) As you work on the
journal, remember to refer to the rubric below to make sure you’re fulfilling the requirements for this assignment.


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