select a macro systems problem to investigate (there are many suggested in the textbook, e.g. domestic violence, homophobia, sexual abuse, delinquent gangs) and design a study to solve this community problem.
March 27, 2022
Nutrition, Obesity, and Abuse
March 27, 2022
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MPA/Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation Assignment 1:

The program Evaluation Assignments will focus on ethical and/or practical concerns as well as provide examples of program evaluation research.


Address the following: What is the NEP/SEP research examining specifically-include mention of any key concepts and the key variables (independent and dependent).  What data was used, how were the participants chosen, key findings and recommendations?  Second, based on the section in the Program evaluation text, Chapter 2 on “Compensation and Incentive Payments” discuss the use of such payments for program evaluation in general and for this particular study.  So, the two parts should be about an equal length. By the Program Evaluation Assignment 1 due date, submit a one-page document (single-spaced, 1” margins) that clearly and concisely summarizes the above information as well as whether the compensation was necessary and why (be specific).  Be sure to follow APA and writing academic paper guidelines.  IMPORTANT: These are not original research papers so DO NOT follow that format–you are learning to do a clear and concise summary of the research including the important points of that research.


Hagan, H., & Thiede, H. (2000). Changes in injection risk behavior associated with participation in the Seattle needle-exchange program. Journal of Urban Health77(3), 369–382.

Draw on the provided article but feel free to draw on other academic research as well to support the information present in the report.

IMPORTANT: In the paper do not include any commentary about the program or the problem being addressed, or any personal background information, etc. If you do not think you could include the information in a report to your supervisor, do not include it here.  Just address what is asked for. 


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