How to create effective lesson plan? Using the Lesson plan template
September 16, 2020
Political, Social, and Sociocultural Influences on Women’s HealthAs an advanced practice nurse, you must remain current on health issues that commonly impact women such as birth control, abortion.
September 16, 2020

need this answered please 16

document your experiences, in first person, as someone living in the 19th century.

A Mormon pioneer in Utah

Write a 700- to 1,050-word journal entry, either as a story or an explanation, that includes the following:

  • A description of the social, economic, and political forces of the times
  • A description of the acquisition of the territory where you live by the United States and a discussion of the effects of the acquisition on your life; for example, if you chose to be a Mormon pioneer, discuss the United States’ acquisition of the Utah territory and discuss its effect on people living in the territory at the time.

Cite and reference all sourced material consistent with APA guidelines.



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