need to know att nursing nr student last name begins with m

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October 18, 2020
3) Ribose is the initial substrate for the synthesis of AMP and GMP (purine nucleotides and the precursors of ATP and GTP respectively).
October 18, 2020

need to know att nursing nr student last name begins with m

Week 4 – Discussion

Joint Commission Standards and Processes

Health care providers may volunteer to be accredited by an external body. The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid provide an updated list of approved accrediting organizations. For this discussion, we are focusing on the acute care hospital. Below are fourteen of the categories in The Joint Commission Standards Manual and accreditation process topics. The topics for this discussion are assigned by students’ last names. See the chart below for your assigned topic.

TopicsStudent Assignment Based upon Last Name
Environment of Care (EC)Student last name begins with A
Emergency Management (EM)Student last name begins with B
Human Resources (HR)Student last name begins with C
Infection Prevention and Control (IC)Student last name begins with D
Information Management (IM)Student last name begins with E and F
Leadership (LD)Student last name begins with G
Life Safety (LS)Student last name begins with H
Medication Management (MM)Student last name begins with I and J
Medical Staff (MS)Student last name begins with K
National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG)Student last name begins with L
Nursing (NR)Student last name begins with M
Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services (PC)Student last name begins with N
Record of Care, Treatment, and Services (RC)Student last name begins with O
Rights and Responsibilities of the Individual (RI)Student last name begins with P
* Accreditation Process InformationStudent last name begins with Q and R
* Transplant SafetyStudent last name begins with S
* Sentinel EventsStudent last name begins with T
* Performance Measurement and the ORYX®Student last name begins with U, V, and X
* Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH)Student last name begins with W, Y, and Z

Note: The (*) indicates measures found under Accreditation Processes

For your assigned topic, access The Joint Commission Standards Manual and The Joint Commission’s publication The Source. To access this information follow the steps below:

From the homepage of the Ashford University library, click on Find Articles & More in the purple bar near the top of the page. Next, take the following steps:

  • Click on Databases by Subject
  • Click on Health & Medicine
  • Click on Joint Commission E-dition for the Standards Manual. Review the standard assigned to you.
  • Next, go back to Health & Medicine in the AU Library. Then click on Joint Commission: The Source link located just below the Joint Commission E-dition link. Do not access The Source via the Joint Commission E-dition link or it will ask you to pay a fee.
  • To select two articles, do one of the following:
    • Select two journal articles from The Source that were published within the past 5-8 years pertaining to your assigned topic. Please use The Source tip sheetPreview the document for guidance to find what you need through The Source.
    • Select two journal articles from either Google Scholar or the Ashford Library Databases.
  • Once you have chosen two articles related to your assigned Standard, identify, and summarize the two articles chosen. In addition, your response should reflect the TJC Standard, how it is utilized, and why it is important in health care. Include any best practice mentioned, and discuss at least one new concept that you learned from the articles.

Initial Post: Your initial post should be 250 to 300 words. Cite and reference your two articles in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s Introduction to APA (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..



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