Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies utilised in maximising the person’s independence.Included will be evidence of effective communication skills partnership working.
September 16, 2020
book heads of the colored people journal 9 1
September 16, 2020

needs assessment 13

I will upload the instructions with “Scoring Tool” which has to be followed + Articles.

I used the McCawley pdf under the needs assessment folder for my “expert” source. However, You can use another article helping for conducting the Needs Assessment.

Step 1: just introduce your paper and what you plan on talking about.

Step:2 talk about the correct way to do needs assessment according to the expert you chose

Step3: talk about what we did for the middle schools and T University,. The process that we did for Middle School (only survey, tallied the results bellow, etc) as a primary data, and the survey monkey can either be primary or secondary it depends on how you describe it.

I will upload the “Needs Assessment for Middle School” survey that we did and we ended up with these health fair topics after collecting the surveys from the students: Energy Drinks, Self esteem, Health sleep habits, fitness, and Eating disorders.

For T University, the other half of our group did only Survey (I will upload just to see it) for health fair topics.

Step4: talk about whether or not we as a class did our assessment correctly

Step5: summarize the paper


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