ocean zones dissolved gases treasure hunting

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November 20, 2020
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November 20, 2020

ocean zones dissolved gases treasure hunting



Assignments completed in a narrative essay or composition format must follow the citation style cited in the American Psychological Association (APA). One page with references and they must be cited in the writing.

Here are this week’s essay options: Answer one of the following below

(1) Why is the ocean layered? Explain the PHYSICAL CAUSES of layering, and describe the major layers in the ocean. NOTE: In your research you may find the Hadalpeligic Zone. Hadal means Hades, why would the conditions here be “Hell-like”? Also during WWII and the Cold War submariners found the “deep-scattering layer” where they could hide from sonar. So for grins (and to help your grade on this item.) find out what & where it is while doing your research. Or just ask your local submariner, anybody who has ever served on a sub will know the answer to this. The attached article will prove useful here.
You can also check out this video that names the oceanic zones (and invertebrate phyla) from Finding Nemo: edgetest.apus.edu/access/content/group/4dd9bc6d-dac4-4140-9889-98cf024c88d6/Video/www.youtube.com_wa20130320192751.URL

OR (2) The ocean has very significant concentrations of various gases dissolved in it. In the uppermost 1200 meters of the ocean, a graph of oxygen concentration against depth often shows two especially interesting features – (a) at perhaps 50 to 150 meters depth there is a subsurface oxygen maximum, and (b) at perhaps 750 to 900 meters depth, there are very low oxygen concentrations (some places approaching zero). For each (a & b), you must FIRST identify a physical or biological process that could be responsible for the feature, and then SECOND explain HOW that process might create the feature. Label the parts of your answer to correspond to the question. If you want to submit a diagram or picture, upload them to your MY FOLDER and tell the instructor via email. Pgs 139-140 in the text will be helpful.

OR (3) A salvage company out of Florida worked in the Atlantic off of Europe to recover the treasure ($50 million so far) from a sunken ship (Spain claims it is one of theirs and actually arrested the divers and salvagers). The same company also found a British wreck worth an estimated $500 million. Research this and describe what types of technology would be used to locate and salvage the treasure (the wreck is almost a mile underwater) and what oceanic conditions (besides the Spanish Government) they would have to contend with to perform their salvage operations. Also mention how the Law of the Sea Treaty (UNCLOS) might effect this situation. By the way all successful treasure salvage operations start in LIBRARIES! Explain that factor. Read Lecture Week 1-A in the Lesson Packets it will really help with this one.


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