InstructionsAssignment 2: Course Project Part I: Interview and Background ResearchRefer to the Course Project Overview. Early in the course, you selected a specific disorder. Research it using your te
June 6, 2021
Identify and discuss the standards for the use of technology in the counseling setting according to your state governing board and the ACA. What are potential implications for the counselor if these s
June 6, 2021
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One short paper about contract law

Read Rooftops v. Chicago Cubs (see attached file) contract and write one page of doc answering following questions.

  1. Who are the parties?
  2. What is the effective date of the contract?
  3. What is the term of the agreement?
  4. What is the purpose of this contract (why did the parties enter into an agreement)?
  5. What is the consideration given by Rooftops?
  6. What is the consideration given by the Chicago Cubs?
  7. What system is in place to keep the calculation of payments fair?
  8. When can the Cubs terminate the agreement earlier than anticipated?
  9. Can this agreement be transferred or assigned?
  10. What happens if the Cubs decide to expand their bleachers?
  11. What happens if the Cubs erect widescreens or other barriers?
  12. Does it matter if governmental authorities approve any expansion?
  13. What is the non-disparagement clause?
  14. Are disputes pursuant to this agreement required to be arbitrated?
  15. What is the effect of the warranty/indemnification section?
  16. What state law governs this contract?
  17. What happens if one section of this contract is determined to be unenforceable?
  18. Does any portion of this contract survive after termination of the agreement?
  19. Did either party admit liability?

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