oop general programming and php jquery code for model updating

Discussion 1 and two | Information Systems homework help
September 5, 2021
information systems and security week 5
September 5, 2021

oop general programming and php jquery code for model updating

OOP general programming:

In the real world, a man has a mouth. His mouth can do operations like open/close at the man’s

will. Another man cannot force a man to do such operations without the man’s permission. For

example, a doctor can examine his mouth and request him to do such operations and he will

follow the doctor’s requests after confirming the doctor’s identity. For others, he doesn’t want

them to do such operations. Use OOP Designs to make needed classes with methods to meet

those requirements. You can use any language or pseudo- code to write down your results.

Please complete jQuery and PHP code to prepare the inputs for model updating.

In a form, we have three input boxes for users to type in their choices of courses and

submit the form without refreshing the page(i.e using ajax request). Here are the


1. User can type in 1, 2 or 3 courses 2. Each choice is case insensitive (also, user can type

anything, in any case or leave it empty) 3. The choices have to contain “calculus”(in any

case, e.g “Calculus” or “CALCULUS”) in one input

box. 4. Because form onsubmit returns false, the form is submitted through ajax by calling


add your Javascript/jQuery code inside of this function. 5. The PHP on the server side needs

to do the same validation as in Javascript/jQuery to make sure

data is


<form action=”/post” onsubmit=”submitForm();return


Choice A: <input type=”text” name=”choices[]”/>

Choice B: <input type=”text” name=”choices[]”/>

Choice C: <input type=”text” name=”choices[]”/>

<input type=”submit” value=”Submit”/> </form>

Finish the Javascript/jQuery and PHP code after each “//add your code after this line”

shown below.



function submitForm()


var $form = $(‘form’); var url

= $(‘form’).attr(‘action’); //

add your code after this line




class MyController extends

Controller {

public function post()


$inputs = Input::all(); //add

your code after this line

//end of add your



) {

return [ ‘status’=>’success’ ]; } else {

return [‘status’=>’error’, ‘errorMessage’ => $this->getLastErrorMessage()]; } }



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