Organisational Change 1 –

Manager in Charge
September 16, 2020
Risk for cardiovascular impairment r/t uncontrolled hypertension. what are two nursing interventions?
September 16, 2020

Organisational Change 1 –

Organisational Change 1
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Please find attached document titled ‘Assessment Details 1’ for detail on what is required. There are also 4 weeks learning content attached which need to be read and used as context to writing
this paper. Lastly, i have uploaded marking criteria for your perusal.
Please note the assessment details provides the structure and requirements – please read carefully to ensure correct paper and format is written.
in conjunction with the weekly learning content uploaded, the text book used is: Hayes, J 2014, The Theory and Practice of Change, 4th edition, Palsgrave Macmillan (ISBN: 9781137275349)


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