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paths to present robberbaronessay

I chose to do my essay on Charles M Schwab. I attached the instructions below. Main thing is no PLAGIARISM. This assignment requires a minimum of 1000 words, which is approximately 4-5 pages in length, of the average 250 words count at font 12 per page. You will select an industrialist from the 1880-1920 era in American history. This person would be well known in that era as a business or corporate magnate over an industry that had historical significance to the economy, labor force and government regulations. Robber Barons as they were known during this era of the ‘Gilded Age’ attained great wealth yet were known to be ruthless, greedy and overpowered labor conditions to achieve their goals of profits. In selecting your person to research, analyze their contribution to society while acknowledging their lack of welfare and concerns of safety of the laborers, government regulations or other ignored concerns. There were many titans of fortune that contributed to inventions, manufacturing, designs which changed the landscape and tapestry of America during these decades.


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