personal environmental initiative assignment 3

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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

personal environmental initiative assignment 3

We have now made it through nearly half of the semester and hopefully you are in the middle of working on your Personal Environmental Initiative.

For full credit for this assignment I need you to write 2 challenges that you have encountered while doing this project. Submit your assignment either by file upload or write this directly in Canvas.

*For example, if I had chosen taking shorter showers as my initiative, one challenge I may have encountered is that when it is cold outside it is harder for me to take shorter showers.

( below is my idea for the previous assignment and a comment from the professor ):

1. What have you decided upon to be your Personal Environmental Initiative?

I’m going to share food with friends so we could save wasting food that we don’t need and can save it for anyone who need it.

2. How are you going to measure the impact of your Initiative?

I’m going to measure it by buying food containers and save it for others and even when I use it.


This is a great initiative, but you will also have to be sure to include any food that ends up going to waste instead of being eaten.


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