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January 24, 2021
January 24, 2021

physics multiple choice

____ 1.

____ 2.

____ 3.

____ 4.

____ 5.

____ 6.

____ 7.

An excited atom decays to its ground state and emits a photon of green light. If, instead, the atom decayed to an intermediate state, then the light emitted could be

  1. blue.
  2. red.
  3. violet.

A nuclear process that has relatively few radioactive byproducts is

  1. neither fission nor fusion.
  2. fusion.
  3. both fission and fusion.

The phenomenon of inducing voltage by changing the magnetic field around a conductor is called

  1. electromagnetic induction.
  2. Faraday’s induction.
  3. transformer induction.

A motor takes ___________________ and turns it into ___________________.

  1. electrical energy, mechanical energy
  2. work, power
  3. mechanical energy, electrical energy

Isotopes of the same element have the same

  1. number of neutrons.
  2. number of protons.
  3. number of nucleons.

Which force field can deflect an electron, but never change its speed?

  1. electric field
  2. magnetic field
  3. both electric and magnetic fields

What is the best way to describe the strong force?

  1. an attractive magnetic force
  2. a repulsive electric force
  3. an attractive nuclear force

____ 8.

According to Faraday’s law, what can you change in order to increase the induced voltage in a coil?

  1. decrease the number of loops
  2. decrease the rate at which the magnetic field changes
  3. increase the cross-sectional area of each loop

When uranium (92 protons) ejects an alpha particle, the nucleus left behind has

  1. 92 protons.
  2. 90 protons.
  3. 94 protons.

What is the direction of the magnetic field outside a magnet?

  1. from the north pole to the south pole
  2. from the south pole to the north pole
  3. from the north pole outward in all directions

In an electromagnetic wave, the electric and magnetic fields are _________ to each other and _________ to the direction of wave motion.

  1. at right angles, perpendicular
  2. parallel, at right angles
  3. at right angles, parallel

According to de Broglie, why do electrons occupy discrete energy levels?

  1. The electron is a wave that must orbit as a standing wave.
  2. The electron is a wave that must have a whole number frequency.
  3. The electron is a particle that must have a specific energy.

The element with the least mass per nucleon is

  1. uranium.
  2. iron.
  3. hydrogen.

De Broglie suggested that all particles have a wavelength that is inversely related to the momentum of the particles.

  1. True
  2. False

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