please answer the following questions 19

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March 29, 2021
Learning Strategies For Success
March 29, 2021

please answer the following questions 19

  • Please read chapters 14 (page 353) and 15 (page 380), From the attached book to answer the following questions:

1. What would be the best sampling frame for attitude study, when the target population is

a. everyone who rode a public transit system last month

b. retail sporting good stores in OR, WA, CA.

c. California citizens over the age of 18.

d. Dwelling units with home espresso machines.

e. people who used unit pricing during a shopping trip in the previous month

2. Question 3, page 375. (What do you recommend; what other information would you need?)

3. Question 11, page 375.

4. Question 3, page 394.

5. Question 5, page 395. (Do not skip part d.)

6. A group of rebel fighter planes had just returned from a mission. Once again, the mission had been rebuffed by an attack from enemy “ghost fighters”. The rebels had been unable to identify where these ghost fighters were coming from, where they were based.

The planes that had returned were examined. The damage was mostly in the tail sections and on top. The commander concluded that the ghost fighters had attacked from above and behind the rebel planes, which would indicate a base on asteroid Z22. That information was about to be sent to Control.

A research intern spoke up from the back of the room–“Don’t send that message; it could cost more lives!”

What was the intern’s argument against the commander’s conclusion?


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