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June 5, 2021
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June 5, 2021
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please revise my proposal with a example

I posted my original proposal and a classmate’s example. Please follow the example to revise my works. My works need more module, citations, tales, cover page and more content. (By the way, this example is just a students’s work, so if you can do it better, just follow your way)I will also post some proposal requirement here also, you can double check requirement:

  • Does this give a general overview of the document and provide some kind of “forecast” of the sections to follow?
  • Check the situational analysis for areas that still need to be described or developed. Would modifications to the situation make the project more suitable for our purposes?
  • Is there a general description given to adequately describe the main client / professional entity the report will be written for?
  • Are the criteria appropriate? Are there criteria the writer has not listed, but may want to add?
  • Are the alternatives real? Can research be found on them, or can they be researched? Do they require more research than what is currently present to fully describe them?
  • Analyze the audience groups listed.
  • Are there more than one group? (everyone MUST have three [3] unless previously approved by your instructor]
  • If not, has the writer overlooked any audience groups?
  • Do they need to revise their scenario to ensure they will need to write to more groups?
  • Has the writer provided enough detail about each audience group to formulate a plan about how to construct the report to address and meet their various learning needs, attitudes, and reading styles?
  • Have they included insight upon what that construction plan is for each audience group?
  • Is the schedule clearly presented in an effective and usable GANTT CHART?
  • Does the schedule contain all the major tasks involved with completing the project?
  • Is the schedule realistic and does it cover the appropriate time frame?
  • Are all of the items necessary to purchase for the production of a printed and bound report included?
  • Is the budget presented in a chart?
  • Does the budget include a total? (Is in an appropriate price range? (under $20)
  • Has the writer explained what documentation style is appropriate for their document and why?
  • Has the writer included sample entries (in their chosen style) and annotations for three (3) initial sources of information they have used to begin the research and documentation in their report?
  • Do the annotations include the following?
    • Prefatory citation entry of each source (in the citation style they propose to utilize).
    • Descriptive overview summary of the source’s content.
    • Evaluation of each source’s “authority” (or issues with it) – ie: Author’s credentials, publication’s reputation and history (scholarly journal, etc.), and any potential bias, etc.
    • How the source’s material relates to their project / how they intend to use it.
  • Does the last section appropriately request approval for the report project, and/or permission to move forward and continue work on it?


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