Negotiation and Conflict Resolution-D2
March 29, 2021
crjc450 i need annotated bibliogaphy
March 30, 2021

problem solution argument 3

Need a paper about a problem/solution.

There are a couple of things I am angry about the school and its educational system. Students pay a lot of money for getting an education and in addition, they have to pay hundreds of dollars on textbooks and other materials. Especially for the things that could be taught in the classroom without any requirements of any extra online assignments. The teachers or professors could make the students do assignments really easily but they choose to make the poor students buy codes and make them do it online which in my opinion, is very unnecessary. I’ve been in this situation many times and it makes me kind of angry. I really think that the textbook or any other extra materials should be provided to us, students without any cost.

In this case, my audience would be the school board or school authorities.

(MLA style paper)

2 pages

More than one source

Instruction document is attatched.


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