statistics topics in aleks 1
March 29, 2021
March 29, 2021

Project Management Processes-8

Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Respond to the following prompts: “What do I feel are the most important aspects of my learning in the chapters this week?” and “What about this learning was really worthy of my time and understanding?” Then explain how important it is in society or business.

Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:

  1. The text book provides definitions for the following terminologies – “ES, EF, LS, LF”. Explain these terminologies in your own words. (please do not restate the definitions).
  2. When calculating the forward pass AND backward pass of a network diagram, what are you trying to achieve? Describe the practical significance of these two passes.

[Your post should be based upon the assigned reading for the week, so the textbook should be a source listed in your reference section and cited within the body of the text. Other sources are not required but feel free to use them if they aid in your discussion].

 [Your post should be at least 500+ words and in APA format (including Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced). Post the actual body of your paper in the discussion thread then attach a Word version of the paper for APA review] 

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