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October 18, 2020
October 18, 2020

Proposal Rough Draft

This assignment will assess competencies 1-9.

Directions: This week you will submit a rough draft of your final paper. Build upon the proposal introduction you started in LP5 and add your primary research findings, graphic visuals, and conclusion.

Note: The rough draft and final draft must be submitted sequentially in order. If you do not submit a rough draft, the final draft will be not scored as there is no previous work to compare your improvements to.

In addition to a formal cover letter that describes your proposal project, the proposal must include the following components in APA-style format:
• Transmittal letter (cover letter that describes your proposal project)
• Title page
• Table of Contents
• Informative abstract
• Body of your paper (including the introduction, statement of purpose, current problem, proposed plan, literature review, research methods, results/findings, and conclusion/recommendations)
• Primary research (discussed in your methods and results/findings)
• Graphic images to clarify data (tables, graphs, charts, illustrations, etc.)
• Headings
• Reference page
• Research includes at least 5 sources – with at least 2 being peer-reviewed or scholarly sources and the rest from different credible, peer-reviewed, or scholarly sources.
• Appendix (this is where to include your survey or interview questions)
• Paper (body) must be 2500+ words, double-spaced (APA-style format), which is about 10-12 pages in length

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