b. If the first sample variance is s2=84 and the second sample has s2=96, to tge data indicate that testing has signifficant effect? Again use a two tailed test with Alpha=.05.
November 25, 2021
EDU 305 Week 1 Individual Assignment Prenatal and Newborn Development Brochure Refrences,”
November 25, 2021

psychology help please 3

This activity gives you the opportunity to try classical conditioning for yourself.  You can use these forms of conditioning on a pet, a family member, or a friend.  Please use them for only positive purposes, and list what you did for each, how you did it, and what you found.  Please be careful to note the differences between these conditioning methods, and use correct terms in your descriptions.

Classical Conditioning Scenario:

Unconditioned Stimulus:

Unconditioned Response:

Conditioned Stimulus:

Conditioned Response:


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