Identify and discuss at least 3 types of conflict found in a healthcare setting. The meeting was called to address to find an acceptable solution to an apparant conflict between Ms. Miller and the chief of the Bariatric Program, Dr. Kincaid.
March 29, 2021
db3 responses for 2 of my classmates quot emergency preparedness quot 1
March 29, 2021

Reflection to a game

 This week’s reflection will be your response to this game. Please play the game and see if you can “save our social security system”. Those with a last name that begins with A-I will reflect on the Benefits Reduction portion of the game, while those with last names beginning with J-Z, will discuss the Revenue Increase portion of the game.  Let us know what answers you chose and why you chose those answers, what have you learned about the future of social security and how will what you have learned effect YOUR future? This reflection should be at least 400 words (word count should be in the subject of your reflection). Cite any sources used in APA format, however outside sources are not necessary this week.

My last name start with A so reflect on the Benefits Reduction portion of the game only.

this is the link to the game


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