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September 11, 2021
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September 11, 2021


Reply to e-mails as if you are the e-mail’s hypothetical addressee and state whether you believe your partner’s claims are justified or whether the claims are swayed by bias and emotion. Explain your reasoning.


Dear Hypnotical boss,

Good morning. I would like to address an issue with you that I believe has an adverse effect on our great Air Force’s budget and morale. In regards to having to wear the uniform hat or “cover” every day, I think it is time to reevaluate why it is necessary. Although the uniform hat can be a positive indicator for others not in the military to see, the uniform itself is enough indication. As you well know sir, the military has very strict standards on male hair. The saying goes “when does a good Airman need a haircut, never,” but once the hat is put on, hair gets messed up and no longer looks as professional as before, and sometimes is even out of regulation standards. I ask you what is more important, wearing an outdated head piece or looking like the sharpest Airman we can be. Now take look at the females that are forced to wear hats. Every day, I see some poor female Airman that is doing her best to make sure that she can not only put on her hat, but also stay in within the strict standards the Air Force requires. In order for her to achieve this, most of the time she will have to wear her hat sitting at an awkward angle barley sitting on the top of her head. We, as Airman, want to be the best, and look the best. This cannot be achieved with the constant taking of and putting on of the hat. The hats main purpose is to keep the sun out of our eyes, but with the advancement of sunglasses, which are often issued, the head piece is no longer necessary. Not only that, but our Security Forces and SPECOPS individuals wear a beret that has no eye cover at all. To remove the hat as a requirement would do no harm to the Air Force, and would actually save money in the long run. You could take the hat away from initial military issue at Basic Training, and remove the cost of the hat from the annual clothing allowance of the hundreds of thousands of Airman across Active Duty, Guard and Reserve. In order to bring morale and the overall happiness level of all Airman up, we must have the hat be an optional uniform piece and not a required one.




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