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research assignment 23

Format: Assignments must include:

  • Cover page with full name; course name and #; assignment; due date.
  • Text should be12 point type, double-spaced.
  • The assignment must start with an introduction and end with a summary.
  • Answers must be paragraphs using complete sentences.
  • Please answer the questions using the number and letter system indicated.
  • Points may be deducted for multiple spelling and grammar errors as well as format.
  • This is an individual assignment. Your integrity is expected and appreciated.

The Format should have the Introduction and summary. Also, follow the document to answer.

such as, follow the a. b. c. d. Does not to be paragraph.

  1. Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC)
    1. Who owns the venue )
    2. Geographic location and address
    3. Number of full-time staff


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