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November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020

Research Paper on ADD and ADHD

Research Paper on ADD and ADHD in children, adolescence, and adults. 
 This paper should include history of the disorder, current research on the disorder, treatment of the disorder, and the use, if any, of medications used to treat the disorder. Feel free to use case studies, real life examples, and identify pros and cons to current treatments.
 • Paper will be at least 12 pages including the title page, reference page, and 10 pages of content. 
• Paper must be in APA format and citations must be done in APA format. 
• Paper must be no more than 12 point font in either Arial or Times New Roman. 
• Paper must have at least 10 citations with at least 3 from peer reviewed journals. 
The paper should also include an outline..the outline should be done after the title page. The outline should include page numbers per “SECTION ONLY”. EACH ROMAN NUMERAL SHOULD INCLUDE A PAGE NUMBER TO THE RIGHT.


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