safety dealing with chemicals – custom papers

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June 6, 2021
Paper Specifics:3 pages, double-spaced, (I will stop reading after 3 pages).  Times New Roman  12 Pt. Ft. Margins must be 1” on all sides.  Any paper that only uses examples that are found in
June 6, 2021
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safety dealing with chemicals – custom papers

Case Study
Virginia Allied Chemical has recently developed a new paint and rust remover. Your company, Eastern State Marine, has a contract to buy and use the material in your mid-sized boatyard. There are
three hundred fifty workers in the yard. As the HR specialist, describe the steps you would take to ensure worker safety for all aspects concerning the chemical the chemical. Please address all
safety requirements for the different sections of the company. Answer the following questions with full explanations.
1. What specific method(s) would you use to train different sections on the safety requirements? 2. Describe all records and documentation pertaining to the chemical, its use, handling, storage,
and workers involved. 3. What coordination is required by the HR department with other sections? Be specific.


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