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March 3, 2022
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March 3, 2022
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sense of belonging

Phenomenological places focus on “history, culture, economics, education, spiritual beliefs, values, common characteristics, or similar goals (GCU, 2019)” and help the members in a population feel a sense of belonging. The sense of belonging may be experienced in a place with other members who are working towards a common goal, these places usually allow the members to share a common interest as they work towards similar goals. Some examples may be at a library, local animal shelter, a church or place of religion. During an assessment, these individuals may share similar interventions for needs and interventions. Geopolitical places look at certain geographical places that may have an influence on an individuals health. There may be different geographic boundaries and characteristics that can lead to population specific assessment data being collected and the need for geographic related interventions. For example, in recent news we have seen the Bahamas become devastated by Hurricane Dorian, and because of the geological effects from the natural disaster, the people in the Bahamas have many needs and interventions that are needed currently. Geopolitical assessments and interventions may differ based on the climate, natural disasters, vegetation, and animals/insects, for example.Nurses still need to assess the population, identify needs and interventions, and pursue goals and patient specific planning. The nurse will assess with regards to a specific group, or population and address barriers and priorities. The nurse may conduct assessments by primary sources (talking with individuals, conducting a windshield survey, and examining the area) or by utilizing secondary sources (national/state/local sources such as the census bureau, school enrollments, etc., and by conducting surveys for example). By conducting these surveys, the nurse can better determine the needs of a specific community, formulate a community specific nursing diagnoses, and use evidence based practice to to form “achievable strategies to fit the target population, determinated resources, and seeks assistance and/or funding as needed (GCU, 2019).” The nurse can work towards attainable goals for the community to better the public health or reduce risks, leaving the community being intervened with safer.


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