Software Architecture and Design – custom papers

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June 5, 2021
Each response must be between 150- 300 words.  Must use original work and must cite references.1. How does learning occur according to behaviorist theory and what aspects of learning are not explaine
June 5, 2021
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Software Architecture and Design – custom papers

Answer all questions. Q1- A Weather Monitoring System (WMS) includes several sensors Temperature Sensor, HumiditySensor and Barometric Sensor. A Scheduler component is connected to
the sensors and triggers the readings of the values of the sensors. ReportManager collects the data received from sensors and on request provides a Report. The Report is displayed on Screen by
ScreenManager. Finally, HistoryTracker keeps a log of the historical data provided by ReportManager. [10 marks] a) Draw two architectures for the WMS system using two suitable architecture styles
(one of them is based on agent oriented architecture style). b) What are the similarities and differences between the two architecture?
Q2- Design a three-tier architecture for web-based online bookstore application. The client front-end tier is a web browser that coordinates user account login and GUI interface(presentation
logic). The middle tier is the application server (application logic) that coordinates business logic such as shopping cart, transaction, checkout processing, and others. The back-end tier is a
database server(data access logic and data storage). The database stores all necessary information such as book catalog, customer, and order status information. [5 Marks]
Q3- a-Design the system in problem Q2 using the component based software architecture. Illustrate the provided and required interfaces of each component. b- Draw a physical view for the system. c-
what are the differences between static and dynamic architecture? Give an example for each one, [5-Marks]


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