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sos 150 self assessment

Identify your place in Donald Super’s self-concept theory. Then, select three occupations that you are currently considering and answer the following questions:

How does this occupation match your interests?

How does it match all that you know about your skills?

Compare this occupation to your work-related values. How does it match up?

How does this occupation relate to your future goals? How will this affect your lifestyle?

What are the ways that you could try out this career to determine if it is appropriate for you?

Relate Donald Super’s self-concept theory to your own career exploration. In which of his stages do you find yourself now?

Using the “World-of-Work” map on page 65 (Exhibit 4.3), what areas seem to meet your interests, abilities, and values?

How does this career relate to your current field?

Do you believe that you could be successful in this occupation? Do you believe that you could be satisfied with this occupation?

complete an analysis of your ability to make decisions, set goals, and manage your time.

Complete the following statements:

  1. I use the following decision-making strategies: …
  2. My assumptions include…
  3. My feelings regarding these decisions are…
  4. The best use of my time right now (according to time management strategies) is…
  5. A long-range goal related to my career is…
  6. A short-term goal related to my career is…
  7. External factors that can affect these career decisions include…
  8. Internal factors that can influence these career decisions include…
  9. Conduct a career search using the Occupational Handbook and explore the various positions or options you would find along this career path.
  10. Next, go to Careerbuilder,,, or an internal search engine and search for three listings that interest you.
    1. Identify the skills and background desired for each position. Examine the role that your education and experience will play in obtaining this position.
    1. Highlight your current skill set and describe the steps you might take in order to prepare to apply for these positions.
    1. What role might networking play as you explore obtain these positions?


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