standalone , engineering homework help

Question: The first-in-time rule means that the first creditor to file or protect his or her interest will have ________ in the collateral. A…
October 18, 2020
How will you use      design thinking to begin to brainstorm about your capstone?
October 18, 2020

standalone , engineering homework help

I have work in the (Word). And all the steps you can found in the files brought by.

Project 2 Executive Report

Executive Summary – No formal report is complete without an executive summary. The executive summary is a standalone section in a formal report that provides a capsule version of the report and is free of technical jargon. In some cases, a copy of an executive summary is circulated and filed separately from the formal report. Guidelines for the executive summary that you are to submit are as follows:

Format: No more than one page of text – double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins. Use a paragraph format, but do not include individual headings and do not include lists. The best summaries create unity with a series of relatively short paragraphs that flow well together.

Preferably one, but no more than two pages of data, tables, figures (graphs), or photos, properly labeled with a Table or Figure number and properly referenced in the text. (While data, tables, figures, and photos are not typically included in an executive summary, including this information allows for verification of your conclusions by the project instructor.)

Writing Style: Avoid technical jargon, but be technically sound. Include only that level of technical language that decision makers understand. The audience for this report is a business manager or executive, who is your client, not an engineer.

Content: Include only the following information:

1. A statement of the project goal – what did the client ask of you?

2. A brief scope of work – cite the overall tasks only, but do not include details of the method and procedure. This section is a brief narrative of what was done, but not the details of how it was done.

3. Summaries of key details and conclusions from the project work

4. The conclusions / findings and any recommendations. Were you able to meet the project goal? Were their difficulties and significant outcomes that the client should be aware of?

Ask yourself – “What would my readers really need to know if

they had only a minute or two to read?”

Also, I am work with the (Group A) in the class.

This is my target:

Electronic Note 1 (Hz) A: 440.0
Electronic Note 2 (Hz) D: 587.4
Beam Note (Hz) E: 329.6

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