February 23, 2021
Engl 2111 World Literature Final Exam Paper
February 23, 2021

Strategy Planning 4

this discussion thread is centered on the internal capabilities of organizations. Review the video “The Capability Concept” to refresh your understanding of the capability concept. visit the Cola Wars case (see the Yoffie reading ), and review reading by Barney, “Looking Inside for Competitive Advantage.”

  • Using Barney’s characteristics (VRIO), revisit the Coca-Cola case and identify which resources are most important for competitive advantage.
  • Based on the analysis of Coca-Cola’s resources, make recommendations to Coca-Cola’s management as to which of the resources you have identified should be invested in (or divested) and/or which resources should be acquired.
  • In your follow-on response, focus on the viability of the suggestions made by other students: To which degree do these suggestions make sense with regard to the possibility of gaining sustainable competitive advantage (related to value, rareness, inimitability, and non-substitutability of the factors)?
  • Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer unless the assignment calls for more.

in 1 page

  • Barney, J. B. (1995). Looking inside for competitive advantage. Academy of Management Executive, 9(4), 49-61. doi:10.5465/AME.1995.9512032192


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