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October 18, 2020
colleg 2
October 18, 2020

Study research

I need to write a Study essay.

I plan to study in the US for an LLM and in order to get the scholarship I need to write this following ;

A carefully prepared statement, of no more than two pages, giving
1. The reason why you wish to study or pursue research in the U.S.A.
2. A plan of the work you propose to undertake, the benefits you expect to obtain from such a study or research

I want you to ;

a.    Try to formulate 1, 2 or 3 clear study/research topics or goals, that you can expand on. Make references to the experiences I already have in my resume.

b.    Include references to the universities where I want to study, the classes taught or possible clinics/internships (top ones like Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard..). Make sure to also mention professors that I want to work with, what their specific expertise is and what you want to work on.

c.    Emphasize the output that I want to create. What impact will I have? How will that influence the world around me? What do I want to do once I finished my studies?

Best would be to emphasize on Alternative Dispute Resolution in International Arbitration. Corporate Law too would be great. I have specific experiences in ADR that will be relevant.

The paper needs to be stellar.


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