Summary Response for business –

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September 16, 2020
what conditions, processes, or events are noted as good quality or poor quality healthcare
September 16, 2020

Summary Response for business –

Summary Response for business
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Formulate a summary response for each of the following learning objectives. Validate your ability to analyze and defend your assertions through the scholarly material.
1. Evaluate changing theories and practices in business and their potential, positive impact on society.
A. Describe a current trend in business research and the potential positive impact on society.
B. Provide an example of sustainability and one of social responsibility.
C. Suggest a logical explanation of how business leaders can address cultural differences and change in the twenty-first century.
2. Evaluate the impact of technology on businesses in the twenty-first century.
A. Share both a positive example and a negative example of the impact of technology on business in the twenty-first century.
B. Assess how these examples affect current business organizations.


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