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September 16, 2020
1) Crude Oil Price Fluctuations between 1998-2018 Crude oil is an energy source that is integral to production processes across the economy.
September 16, 2020

Tax-Accounting (Tax Return 2013)

 please if you guys are really confident about it and will produce perfect one

filing Tax returns 2013

I expect detailed and accurate works.

I am done with filing tax return but, It is not correct answer.

I think brokage commision and sales commision will be issue. also, I am having trouble with attached additional infomation.

I would like to compare mine and yours.

With the finished work, I would like to get some teach about the difference with my tax filing.

following attachments are my assignment.

tax return.pdf is the main assignment.

  • it starts “Paul and Donna”additional.pdf tax_return.pdf 

the second one is additional one that I am not sure.

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