Hercules and The twelve labors monomyth.
January 14, 2021
general chemistry problem set – Energy Relationships in Chemical Reactions
January 14, 2021

The Evolution of management thought

After reading this week’s assigned material, you will need to find an example that you think demonstrates the ideas about which you’ve read. It is also important for your assignment to integrate the ideas from across all your weeks readings. If you decide to focus on one of the readings, be sure that you demonstrate your understanding of how it fits into the broader set of readings. This assignment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you have engaged with and understand your readings.

Forms and Formats
Your Application Assignment may take one of three general forms, distinguished by the source of your example:

Academic article: Locate, read, and summarize an academic article that presents a related theory, case example, or similar feature. Draw connections among the ideas in the article and those you read for class.


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