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September 17, 2020
Which kind of muscle fibers enable the muscles to exert force for a long period of time? fast twitch slow twitch
September 17, 2020

the game plan

Game Plan

As you journey through this unit and are honing your critical thinking skills, you might recognize many ideas identified in the Game Plan. To assist in your critical thinking process, the Game Plan (located on pages 38-42 in your textbook) was created to help assist you in making critical decisions through the use of 10 strategies.

Game Plan 10 Strategies

1.Use “wasted” time.

2.Handle a problem a day.

3.Internalize intellectual standards.

4.Keep an intellectual journal.

5.Practice intellectual strategies.

6.Reshape your character.

7.Deal with your ego.

8.Redefine the way you see things.

9.Get in touch with your emotions.

10.Analyze group influences on your life.

This assignment calls for you to complete a table that will focus on a recent experience in your life. Within the table, you will identify your experience, how you reacted to the experience, two game-plan strategies that could have changed your outcome, and what the new outcome might have been.

Make sure you address the components listed below:

  • Describe the situation and why it was important to you.
  • Describe how you reacted.
  • Identify two of the strategies identified in the book, and develop critical thinking questions you would ask yourself as a part of your self-assessment.
  • Include bullet points sharing your decision-making process.
  • Address the new outcomes/solutions resulting from the integration of these strategies.


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