There is no such thing as Hispanic identity

3 page health case study essay
November 23, 2020
Using one theoretical model, explain why children engage in aggressive/ bullying behaviors and design a prevention/ treatment programme based on this model.
November 23, 2020

There is no such thing as Hispanic identity

Suggestions: Here are some points you may consider in your answer.
What is identity? How can it be defined and how does it shape or reflect peoples lived experiences?
Is there one single Hispanic identity? Does the absence of a single Hispanic identity necessary mean that we must reject the idea of Hispanic identity?
A shared (sense of) history (e.g. certain socio-political events)? Culture? Language? A common (linguistic) origin?
To what extent might diversity (racial, linguistic, ethnic, gender) be characteristic of Hispanic identity?
To what extent is the label Hispanic recognised by the people(s) to whom that label is attributed (e.g. US census)?


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