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June 5, 2021
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June 5, 2021
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Tools for Business Decision Making


Paul D. Kimmel; Jerry J. Weygandt; Donald E.

Ch. 13: Financial Analysis:
The Big Picture

Read pages
Consider: What are the main objectives of comparative
analysis and why are they important to external users of the financial
statements, such as investors?

Ch. 14: Managerial Accounting

Consider the following
as you read: What are the main differences between the role of financial
accounting and managerial accounting?

Respond using a
minimum of 300 words.

Discussion 1

topic of your choice from the assigned pages in chapters 13 or 14. Explain it
to the class and include examples and business insight to support your
analysis. Identify a company of your choice and discuss how the information
applies to the organization.


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