Lab 19587635
February 24, 2021
how people create growth and meaning out of trauma
February 24, 2021


  • Will the U.S. government shut down for lack of money, and if so, what doors actually close? How did we get here, and which party might be blamed? With elected leaders in Washington running out of ideas for keeping the federal government funded, and a midnight deadline fast approaching, what ideas do you have to avoid a shutdown? Evaluate the impact that political influence has exerted upon the budgetary process overall.
  • Government often grows to meet the demands of the citizenry and so does the cost associated with the growth. Analyze the population growth rate from 2010 through 2016 in Alabama. Provide these figures in your response for each year. Explain why expansions are needed to meet the needs of society and how they are funded. These processes sometimes bring hard criticisms? Why?
  • After Reading the “2017 America First – A Blueprint to Make America Great Again” and based on your predictions for the years 2017-2025, discuss the impact of Alabama’s population increase on the three highest discretionary spending accounts.


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